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John Q Public, beware: The SEC’s new investor rules could ruin you

GUEST: Last week, the SEC changed the rules on crowdfunding so that unaccredited investors can invest in startups. While the goal of opening up early stage investment to everyone is noble, the effect on these new investors could be devastating, given the illiquidity and deficiency of information endemic to early state companies. I have been formally involved […]

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Gadget Ogling: An Emotional Keyboard, a Puzzling Phone, and Exquisite Headphones

To communicate online in 2015 is to have at least a passing awareness of emoji — the colorful symbols that are endemic in social media and text messages. Inputting emoji into a post or message from a computer is often awkward, though this item might help.
EmojiWorks has a physical keyboard which, at the touch of a modifier — think ctrl, alt or command — you can use to type emoji.

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