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Tapping Indian investors – 5 things to know before you pitch

GUEST: In the first six months of 2015, Indian venture capitalists (VCs) invested $2.46 billion into startups. And you’d better believe Indian angel investors are getting in on the action too. So far this year there have been 221 angel investments in India, totaling $120 million. As such, it’s clearly a good time for founders across […]

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Surefire signs your startup needs product management help now

GUEST: What do Facebook, Whatsapp,, and the iPhone have in common? They all benefitted from great product management. All avoided UX clutter, confused pricing schemes, and non-existent product roadmaps. It is hard to imagine a world without these products. In short, these companies nailed it. Now, what do Evernote, Google Glass, iCloud, Nike’s FuelBand, and […]

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How tech companies are showing support for France after Friday’s attacks

A few tech companies — namely Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Reddit — have taken measures to express their solidarity with France after terrorist attacks hit Paris yesterday, where 127 are reported to have died. Some of these expressions aren’t huge, but they’re still notable, because the Francophilia hasn’t spread across the board. Twitter, which […]

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Why SalesTech is coming faster than you think

GUEST: This November, San Francisco is hosting two major SalesTech events, Sales Hacker Sales Stack Conference and SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange, on the heels of Oracle Open World in October and Dreamforce in September. To be able to sustain so many events, the SalesTech Industry must be doing well. With more than 350 companies and products, $9.7 billion invested in […]

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OnePlus founder talks NFC, meeting demand, and what ‘never settle’ really means

Chinese mobile upstart OnePlus launched its third smartphone a few weeks back. The OnePlus X is a smaller, cheaper, more design-focused device than the OnePlus 2, which launched a few months earlier, and the OnePlus One, which debuted a year previous. Consistent with its launch strategy from the company’s inception, OnePlus isn’t opening sales to […]

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Ford to Test Autonomous Vehicles at Mcity

Ford on Friday announced that it will be the first automaker to test its autonomous vehicles at Mcity, a full-scale simulated urban environment that was developed as part of the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center. The site will allow Ford to test its autonomous vehicle fleet close to its headquarters, taking advantage of the diverse roads and neighborhoods Mcity offers.

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Nissan wants to bring wireless charging technology to electric cars

Electric car owners get to enjoy a certain level of pride in saying that they never have to deal with gas stations and dirty fuel-filler nozzles. Most of those owners would likely agree that not having to deal with cords and charging ports would be another great step forward, however. Soon, if Nissan and several […]

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