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Mozilla effectively kills low-cost Firefox OS initiative

Mozilla revealed today that it will shutter its ambitious Firefox OS smartphone initiative, during an annoucement at its “Mozlando” developer event in Orlando, Florida. The web standards-compliant platform, designed to enable OEMs to manufacture cheap handsets for developing markets, never picked up steam in an Android-saturated marketplace. First introduced to the development community in July […]

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End of Year Goodies

The end of the year brings out some interesting goodies from various workshops competing with Santa for big kids’ attention. Some of it is pretty good stuff. Here’s a sampling of the best end-of-year product announcements from the cloud community designed to put you in the post-holiday, already-back-at-work spirit. For starters, cloud sales compensation firm Xactly announced Xactly Inspire.

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Eventbase raises $6M from Madrona Ventures for its event app production platform

Eventbase announced today that it has raised $6 million from Madrona Venture Group to support its mobile technology platform for events. With the new funding, the company said that it will be looking to accelerate its growth both in size and revenues, specifically within the enterprise space. An app development service for premium events, Eventbase […]

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