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DeltaDNA offers game developers ad monetization tips for free-to-play

Advertisements are a necessary part of making free-to-play mobile games profitable. But only about half of game developers are confident about their strategies for advertising, according to data from mobile marketing and analytics firm DeltaDNA. I participated in a webinar with DeltaDNA chief executive Mark Robinson and VB’s Wendy Schuchart about this topic. Here’s a […]

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Is flying getting better or worse for the environment?

THE winter holidays are around the corner, and that means a spike in air travel. A year ago, according to America’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the number of miles travelled on the county’s airlines jumped 10% between November and December, before declining 16% over the following two months. So as you book trips to see friends and family (or to travel for business—but let’s hope not), how guilty should you feel about the extra carbon you are causing to be spewed into the atmosphere?

The answer depends on whether you consider your actions as an individual or as a representative of the offending species.

By the former criterion, Gulliver has good news for you: environmental damage caused by flying is a lot less than it would have been a few decades ago. According to a study by…Continue reading

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Fierce mobile ads: Beat the competition (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Join VB analyst Jon Cifuentes as he shares the most important takeaways from VB’s recent report on mobile advertising — joined by Ford’s former head of global social media Scott Monty who will share critical insights from the field. Register here for free. As our world becomes more smartphone driven (we’ll reach 2 billion worldwide in 2016), it’s imperative for marketers to […]

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