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Google changes Android permissions to make game sign-ups easier

Google has changed the way the Android operating system handles permissions for game players so that it becomes a lot easier to sign players up for transactions. Google (which is changing its formal name to Alphabet) said today it is changing permissions for Google Play games by altering the model for games applications programming interfaces. […]

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The 6 biggest sales-tech trends to watch in 2016

GUEST: 2015 was a busy year for sales technologies in terms of innovation. The sales stack is growing strong, and I added 40 new companies to my Inside Sales Landscape (see below). We also saw validation from the financial community and incumbents that the sales stack is real. and Apptus officially became pure play Unicorns, […]

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If your web site offers live chat, be prepared for hackers

GUEST: Live chat has become ubiquitous as a sales and support tool for software as a service (SaaS) or cloud based services. Entire businesses have been built around providing live chat, such as Olark (which my company uses) or Intercom. As the CEO and founder of a SaaS business (, I had very little question about […]

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5 trial-by-fire lessons from a first-time product manager

GUEST: There’s no school for product management — no degrees, diplomas, or certifications. And no line on your resume will get you a job as a PM, which is great but also terrifying, because chances are you’re going to be utterly unprepared. One year ago, I was hired at FreshBooks as a product manager and tasked with guiding […]

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