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Zynga hopes Willy Wonka slots mobile game will be its golden ticket

Zynga said earlier this year that it is launching 10 new games that could turn around its fortunes in mobile games. And it is launching one of those titles this morning. The social-mobile game company is targeting a broader group of gamers with its mobile titles, and it hopes the billion-plus casual mobile gaming fans […]

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What is the future of mobile video advertising? Find out at Mobile Summit — featuring Zynga and AOL

VB EVENT: Mobile video has become a huge market, and it’s only getting bigger. People are using their mobile phones to publish video on places like YouTube and Facebook, but they’re also using their phones to watch billions of videos a day. At some of the top video hosting sites alone — SnapChat, Facebook, and YouTube — we’re seeing […]

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Analysts and investors react well to Zynga’s new CEO Frank Gibeau

Zynga’s stock price rose 4 percent to $2.25 a share in the first full day of trading on Wall Street after the company announced that it had appointed ex-Electronic Arts veteran Frank Gibeau as its new chief executive officer. Game industry analysts also said that they believed Mark Pincus made a smart choice in hiring […]

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Mark Pincus and Frank Gibeau talk about the future of Zynga and social mobile gaming

Zynga and Electronic Arts have exchanged hostages yet again. Zynga, the San Francisco social mobile game company announced yesterday that it had named former EA executive Frank Gibeau as its new chief executive. After Zynga made the announcement, Zynga’s stock price got a rare 7 percent upward bump in after-hours trading. That speaks to investor confidence in Gibeau, who has […]

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Zynga stock price jumps 7% as new chief executive replaces Pincus

Zynga’s founder has stepped down from his role as chief executive officer for the second time, and this has Wall Street thrilled. The social-gaming publisher’s stock price is up around 8 percent in after-hours trading to $2.31 after finishing the day at $2.16. This is a sign that investors are happy to learn that former […]

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Zynga names ex-EA mobile exec Frank Gibeau as its CEO

Zynga has returned again to the Electronic Arts well of talent. The social mobile game company has named former EA executive Frank Gibeau as its new chief executive. Zynga made the announcement today, after Gibeau served for seven months on its board of directors. Mark Pincus, the founder and prior CEO, now becomes the executive […]

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How Bruce Shelley brought a board gamer’s view into designing Civilization

Before he worked on Civilization with legendary game designer Sid Meier, Bruce Shelley was a board game designer at companies such as Avalon Hill. He designed games on paper back in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was easier to keep revising until the game was right. That’s a lot like how Meier made one […]

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FarmVille co-creator Mark Skaggs catches the express train to India to make mobile games

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Skaggs is a seasoned game designer whose hits such as FarmVille and Empires & Allies reached more than 365 million people. But after seven years at social mobile game giant Zynga, he resigned last fall to his next big thing. And today, he’s revealing that his future lies in making mobile games with an Indian game […]

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Why Zynga founder Marc Pincus is confident about the former juggernaut’s turnaround

Social mobile gaming company Zynga made Wall Street investors cringe this week. It beat earnings expectations in its fourth fiscal quarter earnings report on Wednesday, but chief executive Mark Pincus offered cautious guidance for the next quarter and delayed two major games. The company’s stock fell, and its valuation slipped from $1.9 billion to $1.7 billion. Zynga still […]

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Tech’s 10 biggest losers and 5 biggest winners this earnings season

The past few weeks have not been the rosiest of earnings seasons in tech land. In fact, while it’s often difficult to draw sweeping conclusions from a single quarter, the parade of financial earnings seem to point toward a long year ahead for public technology companies. (Note to unicorns eyeing the IPO market: Be afraid. […]

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Zynga highlights potential of ad revenue and delayed Dawn of Titans game

Zynga beat Wall Street’s estimates for bookings for its fourth quarter, and it also announced 10 games that will launch in 2016. But its stock price fell in after hours, partly because of a weak outlook for the first quarter and falling overall user numbers. As we noted in our earlier earnings story, the quarterly earnings highlight […]

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Zynga beats Q4 financial estimates and announces 10 games for 2016

Zynga beat Wall Street’s estimates for bookings for its fourth quarter, and it also announced 10 games that will launch in 2016. The slate is heavy on social casino slots games, FarmVille, and CityVille titles, but it also includes the action-strategy game Dawn of Titans and the racing title CSR 2. The earnings highlight Zynga’s fundamental challenge […]

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Zynga targets its core demographic with Princess Bride Slots

Diving deeper into social-casino games, Zynga is launching its Princess Bride Slots game today as a new free-to-play game for mobile and social platforms. The title is the latest entry in what market researcher Eilers Research says is a $3.4 billion social-casino game industry, and it is part of a category that has provided much-needed […]

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Mark Pincus insists Zynga doesn’t need an Activision-like sugardaddy to make a comeback

Social gaming company Zynga made Wall Street investors smile Wednesday as it reported better-than-expected earnings. Zynga has now beaten estimates for three consecutive quarters — two of them since Mark Pincus returned as chief executive after the departure of Don Mattrick. Hits such as Words With Friends, Wizard of Oz Slots, and Empires & Allies are helping […]

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