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Here’s how PlayStation’s gaming boss deals with light leaking into his Oculus Rift headset

The Oculus Rift is one hell of a piece of hardware, but it does have one weird shortcoming: some light leaks in around the nose area. Thankfully, one of the brightest minds in the industry has stepped in with a … well, he’s calling it “a solution.” Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida jumped on […]

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Here’s how hard it is to make a mixed-reality trailer for HTC Vive VR games

Virtual reality is a difficult technology to demonstrate to people, but mixed reality is changing that. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to pull off, though. To promote the launch of Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive VR headset, videographer Kert Gartner has helped those developers create videos that show real […]

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PlayStation VR’s $400 cameraless package goes up for preorder next week

If you already own PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation 4 camera, Sony is still giving you an option to preorder its upcoming virtual reality headset. On March 29 at 7 a.m. Pacific time, preorders will go up for the PlayStation VR core package, which is the $400 version that does not come with anything […]

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Gaming analyst: Oculus Rift will sell half of what other experts predict

Virtual reality dominated the Game Developers Conference last week, but it’s nearly time for that hype to start translating into sales. And one analyst thinks the rest of the industry is setting its expectations too high. A lot of important companies are investing in VR, and that’s one of the reasons that tech advisor Digi-Capital […]

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What to expect from virtual reality in 2016

GUEST: Virtual reality is finally here and it’s better than we imagined. Large technology companies like Oculus, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Valve, Sony, and (of course) Google are all leading the way, and following is an entire ecosystem of developers, designers, and dreamers looking to make a future so bright that we will all have to wear […]

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Sony will reject PlayStation VR games that aren’t at least 60 frames per second

SAN FRANCISCO — If you make a PlayStation VR game that dips to around 55 frames per second, Sony is not going to accept it. The company took the stage at the Game Developers Conference today to detail how it is approaching virtual reality with its $400 headset, and it confirmed that is putting some tough […]

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PlayStation VR’s processing unit is off-limits to developers and isn’t a separate GPU

SAN FRANCISCO — Sony engineer Chris Norden expressed frustration that the media does not understand the extra processing box that comes packed with the upcoming PlayStation VR headset. So he took the time during a presentation today to finally explain it to us. The PlayStation VR’s processing unit (PU) is not an extra GPU or CPU, […]

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Watch Sony’s PlayStation VR social experiment captivate an audience of developers

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s counterintuitive to think that covering your eyes and ears with a screen and speakers can lead to awesome interactions with your friends, but Sony has demonstrated that it’s true. PlayStation VR engineers took the stage at the Game Developers Conference today to show off a multiplayer experiment built around social interactions. […]

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Sony draws praise for PlayStation VR’s low price and game focus from industry watchers

Sony announced yesterday that its PlayStation VR headset costs $399 when it launches in October. And that move has gone over well with industry analysts, who expect this to be a $30 billion market by 2020. “I like the price point, but it doesn’t include all the necessary components, like the camera [and controller],” said Joost van Dreunen, an analyst […]

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Sony partners with EA and Lucasfilm to create VR version of Star Wars Battlefront

Sony game chief Andrew House said today that Sony is partnering with Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm to create a exclusive virtual reality version of Star Wars Battlefront for the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR headset. House said that Sony will launch the PlayStation VR headset for $399 in October. It’s going to be a big year […]

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PlayStation VR boss was surprised by Oculus Rift’s $599 price

Virtual reality is new and hot, and it turns out that new hot things cost a lot of money — unless they’re made by Sony? That’s one possible interpretation of the most recent statement from one of the key people responsible at Sony Computer Entertainment. The Rift virtual reality headset from Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR is […]

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Job Simulator developer has overcome one of virtual reality’s biggest marketing hurdles

It is difficult to explain virtual reality to someone who has never tried it before, but one of the most exciting developers working in the space might have solved the problem. Studio Owlchemy Labs, which is making the VR game Job Simulator, has a new trailer in the works that mixes together video of a real-world player […]

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Sony: ’36 million PlayStation 4 owners’ are ready for PSVR

Sony is positioning itself as one of the best ways for developers to reach a massive audience of people ready to spend money on virtual reality. PlayStation’s VR chief, Dr. Richard Marks, took to the stage at the Vision Summit today in Los Angeles to explain why Sony’s move into virtual reality is worth developers’ […]

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Porn is already deciding VR’s future

Tech-industry experts have long pointed to porn as one of the key factors in deciding how consumers adopt new technology. And while its influence is occasionally overstated, it seems likely that many people consider adult content when purchasing consumer electronics. That’s likely going to continue for virtual reality. Porn sites peddling virtual reality adult movies and software […]

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