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Los usuarios de iOS gastan un 16% más que los de Android

Llega el Mobile World Congress, la feria tecnológica por antonomasia en lo que a la industria móvil se refiere. La realidad es que el comercio vía dispositivos móviles no ha dejado de crecer desde su irrupción en la vida de los consumidores españoles.  De hecho, según el Estudio mCommerce 2016 elaborado por Privalia entre más […]

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Android supera a iOS entre los usuarios que comparan precios online

El comparador de precios idealo ha analizado cuáles son los sistemas operativos (SO) preferidos por quienes comparan precios en sus smartphones. iOS ha dejado de ser el sistema operativo (SO) más utilizado por quienes accedían al comparador de precios de idealo con su smartphone en España, según datos del comparador de precios que señalan la diferencia en […]

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ASO master class: How to get 40K app downloads for free and other growth hacks (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: You could spend $10K to drive paid traffic and get some users — or you can growth-hack and land 40,000 downloads in just a few days. What’s the secret? Join top ASO gurus for this free half-hour master class in getting your app ranked, fast. Register here for free. “There’s this notion that you build […]

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Apple App Store and Google Play downloads grew 8.2% in Q1 thanks to games

Mobile is still growing, and gaming — as with nearly every emerging consumer technology — should get most of the credit. People downloaded 17.2 billion apps from the iOS and Android app markets in the first quarter of 2016, according to a new report from intelligence firm Sensor Tower. That’s up 8.2 percent over the same […]

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Nintendo’s Miitomo racks up 1.6M downloads in its first 4 days in the U.S.

Nintendo’s mobile debut is going well. 1.6 million people downloaded the publisher’s Miitomo social platform in the U.S. alone from March 31 through April 3, according to industry-tracking firm Sensor Tower. That number includes both iOS and Android, and it doesn’t include the days Miitomo spent at the top of the download chart on both […]

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Chart-topping newsreader app Nabd launches in Turkey as Nabız

EXCLUSIVE: You’ll be forgiven for not knowing Nabd, but one thing is for sure: This is a significant app, with over 9 million users and app store rankings that would make 99 percent of developers green with envy. Think of Nabd as a Flipboard for Arabic news. The app gathers information from over 1,500 Arabic news […]

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Growthhacking your app store downloads via App Marketing Optimization (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Breaking through the avalanche of apps requires the most current tricks of the ASO/AMO trade. Join analyst Peggy Anne Salz and App Masters founder Steve P. Young in this half-hour master class — and learn how to turbocharge your app store downloads. Register here for free. Nearly 2,000 mobile apps are released on Google Play and iOS […]

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Miitomo hits No. 1 on U.S. iOS App Store in less than 24 hours

Nintendo has stormed onto mobile, and gamers are eating it up. Miitomo, the publisher’s first smartphone app, is the No. 1 most downloaded game for iPhone and iPad in the United States, according to market-tracking firm Sensor Tower. The social app, which GamesBeat is enjoying, only came out this morning. That means it has rushed to […]

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Digital gaming rakes in $6.2B in February thanks to PlayStation 4, Xbox One

People continue to spend more money on digital games. Consumers spent $6.2 billion on downloadable releases and microtransactions in free-to-play mobile and Web games last month, according to market-intelligence firm SuperData Research. That is up 10 percent year-over-year, and that growth came from console, PC, and mobile. The worldwide gaming market is worth $99.3 billion […]

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Miitomo isn’t printing money for Nintendo yet, but investors don’t care

Nintendo’s first mobile game is the most downloaded smartphone application for iOS and Android in Japan, but that isn’t exactly bringing in the big bucks. Miitomo is the 176th highest-grossing iPhone application in Japan today, according to intelligence firm Sensor Tower and market-tracking firm App Annie. On Google Play, the Android app market, Miitomo is way […]

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Apple iOS 9.3 launching today with Night Shift, password-protected Notes, and new app for classrooms

Apple is releasing a new version of its iOS operating system for its iPhone and iPads starting today. The company said today during an event at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California that it’ll include Night Shift, password-protected Notes, updates to Apple News and CarPlay, and lastly a new app specifically for the education space. […]

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Miitomo’s fun image-creation tool should fuel discovery of Nintendo’s first mobile app

Nintendo has the most downloaded app in one of the world’s biggest markets for mobile gaming, and it’s easy to see why it’s spreading — thanks to one of its coolest built-in social tools. Miitomo’s built-in Miifoto feature has already caught on with fans of Nintendo’s first mobile app, which is out now in Japan (everywhere else soon). […]

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If you own more than 10 games on Steam, ‘you don’t matter’ to the $99.3B gaming industry

SAN FRANCISCO — Most of the room of game-industry insiders raised their hand after Spry Fox founder Daniel “Danc” Cook asked them if they own more than 10 games on the PC software portal Steam. Smiling, Danc told them “you don’t matter.” For years, mobile gaming has fended off the idea that is for “casual” […]

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Digital and physical gaming-data firms team up to give broader insight into the market

Game companies rarely want to share data about how their products perform, but two intelligence firms are partnering to help expose as much information as possible. SuperData Research is now working with GfK Entertainment to provide monthly sales charts that combine digital and physical data in markets across Europe. Gaming is a $99 billion business, […]

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