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Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code 1.0 as the code editor passes 500,000 monthly active users

Microsoft today is announcing the release of version 1.0 of its open-source Visual Studio Code editor. The cross-platform application now has more than 500,000 monthly active users, after launching last year. More than 1,000 extensions have become available for Visual Studio Code since Microsoft introduced extensibility in November, when it became available on GitHub under […]

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Microsoft researchers are teaching AI to write stories about groups of photos

Microsoft researchers have come up with a novel way to have computers tell stories about what’s happening in multiple photographs using artificial intelligence (AI). Today the company is publishing an academic paper describing the technology, which could one day power services that are especially useful to the visually impaired, as well as the photos, captions, […]

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Apple releases first Safari Technology Preview update with Web Inspector, ES6 enhancements

Apple today released the first update to its Safari Technology Preview version of Safari designed for software developers. This second release (version 9.1.1) comes with several changes that have to do with JavaScript, CSS, accessibility, the browser’s Web Inspector feature, and most generally, the latest from the WebKit open-source browser engine. With respect to JavaScript […]

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Facebook’s latest AI experiments: generating captions and recognizing faces in videos

At its F8 developer conference in San Francisco today, Facebook demonstrated its latest artificial intelligence (AI) research efforts. Not surprisingly, they are about video. Video implies a whole bunch of individual images put together. So it logically flows from Facebook’s progress around object recognition and image caption generation using AI. “You can imagine us building […]

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Microsoft adds Universal Windows Platform support to Facebook’s React Native

Microsoft and Facebook are announcing today that the Facebook-led React Native open-source software for native mobile app development is getting Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support. The new UWP development software is available now. But Microsoft will be sharing the code as part of the React Native project, said Christine Abernathy, developer advocate for Facebook’s open-source […]

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4GAriesDevF8 2016FacebookInternet.orgTerragraphWifi

Facebook unveils antennas for improving Internet access in cities and rural areas

Facebook today is showing off its latest unconventional equipment for bringing better Internet connectivity to more people. There are two new projects: the Terragraph antennas for distributing gigabit Internet in dense city environments using both Wi-Fi and cellular signals, and the Aries array of radio antennas for delivering wireless signals to devices in rural areas […]

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Alphabetartificial intelligenceBig DataBusinessdeep learningDevGoogleopen source softwareTensorFlow

Google launches TensorFlow 0.8 with support for distributed model training

Google today is announcing the release of version 0.8 of its TensorFlow open-source machine learning software. The release is significant because it supports the ability to train machine learning models on more than just a single machine. TensorFlow can be used for a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, which involves training artificial neural […]

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Big DataBusinessCortanamachine translationMicrosoftMicrosoft TranslatorWindows 10

Cortana in French, German, Italian, and Spanish can now instantly translate words

Microsoft today announced that the instant translation capability in its Cortana personal digital assistant is becoming available for localized versions in four more languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish. This feature became available in the U.S. and China back in September/a>, a few months after Cortana made her debut in Windows 10 as one of […]

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Big DataBot EngineBusinesschatbotsDevF8 2016Facebookfacebook mFacebook MessengerMessengerpersonal digital assistants

Facebook’s Bot Engine lets you teach chatbots what to say with AI

At its F8 developer conference in San Francisco, Facebook today announced the beta launch of Bot Engine, a tool for teaching chatbots what to say in specific types of situations. The technology — which developers can use in association with the Send/Receive API for building Messenger bots that Facebook announced earlier today — comes from […]

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BoxBox ZonesBusinessCloudRand Wacker

Box Zones lets companies store files in AWS and IBM data centers to meet compliance needs

Cloud file syncing and sharing service Box today is announcing the launch of Box Zones, an option that will let companies store files in data centers that are geographically located in specific other countries, so that they can meet certain regulations. The service will work on top of public cloud data centers from IBM and […]

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accessibilityAlphabetBig DataBusinessGoogleMobileSpeech recognition

Google’s Voice Access app lets you control Android devices by speaking

Google today announced the beta launch of Voice Access, an app that will let people use speech recognition to control Android devices. While anyone will presumably be able to use it, it’s designed with specific groups of people in mind — specifically “people who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary […]

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