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Twitter gears up for new push into China with hiring of regional director

With user growth remaining elusive, it appears Twitter is getting ready to make a run at the world’s largest population of Internet of users. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey tweeted that the company has hired Kathy Chen to be its Greater China managing director. Its chances of making much headway in China would appear to […]

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Here are the 16 world leaders and organizations who are embracing Snapchat

Snapchat may be one of the hottest social networks, but unlike rivals Twitter and Facebook, it can be a bit tougher to measure the success of any individual or organization. Still, Burson-Marsteller, a global public relations and communications firm, decided to take a stab. The firm regularly issues reports on how world leaders and governments are using […]

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EU adopts new data protection law that could mean bigger fines for Silicon Valley companies

After years of deliberation and study, the European Parliament has passed the most significant overhaul of the continent’s data rules in two decades. The sweeping package of reforms has been the source of intense debate in Europe, as well as in the United States, where tech giants will be grappling to understand and adapt to […]

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Fear the future: Donalddrumpfbot coming to Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are the future thanks to Facebook which announced yesterday it was jumping in front of the parade by adding them to its Messenger platform. This announcement has brought a rush of companies flooding into the space who are eager to help us talk to machines. But no announcement may be more thrilling-slash-terrifying than word […]

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The shocking fall of Marvell’s Weili Dai, long hailed as a role model for women in Silicon Valley

A few years ago, I made the trek out to the headquarters of Marvell Technology Group in Santa Clara to meet co-founder and president Weili Dai. As an immigrant, an engineer, an entrepreneur and, yes, a woman, hers was a remarkable tale of success. And it was a tale oft told. I wrote a profile […]

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Opera cofounder Jon von Tetzchner debuts Vivaldi for users who want a feature-heavy browser

The last thing Jon von Tetzchner wanted to do after stepping down as CEO of Opera Software in 2010 was to talk or think or hear about Internet browsers. Today, his new company — Vivaldi — launched the first public version of its new browser. Despite devoting most of his two decades at Opera developing […]

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Germany’s Raisin expands to create first European-wide savings marketplace

Berlin-based Raisin announced today that it launched an ambitious expansion that will make its online savings service available across Europe. Launched in 2013, the company has been available only in Germany until now where it has attracted 35,000 customers. The company offers users a choice of saving options with banking institutions across Europe so they […]

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The boomerang kid: Rob Glaser on his return to RealNetworks and what’s next

FEATURE: The most surprising fact about video and music streaming pioneer RealNetworks more than 22 years after its founding is that the Seattle-based company still exists. Since being founded by former Microsoft executive Rob Glaser in 1994, the company has managed to be at times too far ahead of the curve and too far behind; a […]

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Our annual reminder that the Internet has destroyed April Fools’ Day is here early

Proving that there is no concept that people with too much money and time on their hands can’t smother to death in a desperate bid for your love and admiration, the annual parade of April Fools’ fake products has arrived a day early to torment us and make us briefly forget how much we detest […]

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Google releases virtual reality tour of Abbey Road Studios for Cardboard

Music fans received a special treat today when Google announced it had turned its Street View tour of Abbey Road into a virtual reality app. Android users can download the app to use with Google Cardboard, the company’s VR kit. The company says an iOS version is coming soon. Google had previously created a multi-media tour […]

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Adobe survey: Working for the government is a soul-crushing, empty experience for creatives

They say that life sucks, and then you die. According to a new survey from Adobe, better hope that you don’t get stuck working for the government during that slow, sad arc of your pathetic existence. Adobe reports that 73 percent of “public sector creative professionals” in the U.S. and Canada believe that government is […]

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